Brightness function algorithm:
Reconstructs an approximation to an origin-symmetric convex body from a finite number of noisy
measurements of its brightness function. See the section on Algorithms for more information.

Please EITHER choose a target shape from the drop-down menu
OR enter an array of outer unit normals and facet areas of a target convex polyhedron
in the form "x1,y1,z1; x2,y2,z2; ...; xn,yn,zn" and "x1; x2; ...; xn".
Click here for more entry instructions.
You can enter mathematical expressions into the normals and areas box
using the operators -, +, *, /, and ^. Please separate each operator
and operand by a space.
Target shape 
Outer unit normals 
Facet areas 
Number of measurements 
Noise level (between 0 and 1) 
Render reconstruction using WebGL (experimental) 
*Please allow up to two minutes for reconstructions from a large number of measurements.